Uberti “Teddy” Commemorative

“Col. Teddy” would be proud

Uberti has introduced a new model dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt,
in .45 Colt. Notice the high front sight.

This year, there’s a new revolver from Uberti added to the company’s “Outlaws & Lawmen” series and it’s pure eye candy. Dedicated to President Theodore Roosevelt — “Col. Teddy” to his comrades from San Juan Hill, I’ve read somewhere — this single-action “faithfully replicates” the former president’s 1873 Model Colt.

This specimen is chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge (Roosevelt’s gun was chambered for the .38 Colt cartridge). It’s nickel-plated with some handsome engraving on the cylinder, frame, on top of the barrel and the ejector rod housing. The images I’ve seen show the gun wears a high profile blade front sight.
Uberti’s Roosevelt model wears simulated ivory grips and I tend to like such grips more than walnut or some other wood on a single-action. My guess is they’ll fill someone’s gun hand comfortably.

I don’t know whether people who buy Uberti’s Teddy Roosevelt model intend to shoot it or just admire it, but in my house there’s no such thing as a prima donna handgun. They all burn powder and launch lead. Hopefully, that will be the typical future of every Roosevelt revolver Uberti sells here in the U.S.

One thing to remember is Uberti’s sixgun is faithful to the original Colt design in that you’ll probably want to keep an empty chamber under the hammer. One must also consider the Uberti Roosevelt model is nickel plated, so if you take down that front sight, you’ll be removing the plating. Better give that some serious thought before going forward.

Uberti also announced versions of their “Frank” and “Dalton” revolver models in .357 Magnum. Both guns have already been available in .45 Colt.

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