Refining The Choices

Typically, my recommendation regarding the size of a concealed carry handgun is “compact.” My preferences for “compact” include the GLOCK 19, S&W M&P 9C and Springfield XD(M) 9mm 3.8" Compact.

These guns provide a good balance between recoil management and concealability for many women. It should be noted the S&W M&P Series guns are better suited to smaller hands. And since many women have smaller hands than the typical male, this certainly needs to be considered. As with her shoes, a woman may need more than one handgun. Other factors may include method of carry (purse or thigh for instance), type of dress (business slacks, yoga pants or slinky evening gown) and location (small dinner party, large corporate kick-off party or a Saturday night out on the town). Don’t be surprised when more than one handgun is discussed. After all, in her closet what item can you find only one of?