Powder names can be awfully confusing at times. For instance, among IMR brand powders there are SR-4756 and SR-4759. In Lyman’s newest 50th Edition Reloading Handbook on page 528 there are 127 smokeless powders listed approximately by burn rates from fastest to slowest. SR-4756 is in 34th place but SR-4759 is at 53rd place. The number/names are similar but the burning rates are not. Then there are Reloder 7 and Accurate No. 7. Reloder 7 is at number 65 but Accurate No. 7 is number 39, with the former being most definitely a rifle propellant and the latter a powder for handguns. Getting powders confused is dangerous.

Stubbornness gets people in trouble at times. When I was a mere 19 there was an older gent at my local gun club firing a cap-and-ball pistol with Alcan smokeless shotgun powder. I said to him, “Don’t you know that’s dangerous?” His rely was “Kid, it isn’t if you know what you’re doing.” With the next shot his revolver’s barrel split open like a tulip. Should I have not laughed as I left the scene?

More recently I personally know of a low number US Model 1903 Springfield blown to pieces and hospitalizing the shooter. He had been warned not to shoot a low number ’03 but since he was using light loads with cast bullets, he figured all would be well. It wasn’t.