It’s a Small World

You gonna pick nits? Okay. This is a small knife and lots of guys say a big knife can do small knife chores better than a small knife can do big knife chores.

I’m not going to argue with the contention, except to say, for many of us, small knife chores are likely the only tasks we’ll ever have to worry about. Besides, trailblazing, kindling whacking and bear skinning are not the tasks this little folder was built for.

Heck, I used the 0022 to slice up carrots and de-bone chicken. Did a good job — and stayed shaving sharp when I was done. Would a more “task specific” fixed blade been better?

Well, yeah. But I just happened to have the ZT in my pocket at the time it was needed (sound much like a CCW argument for a micro-size pocket .380?). The “proper” blade was miles away — in a kitchen drawer no less.

Okay. Sure, I’ve got no shortage of traditional (and much heftier) lockback and slip-joint folders that’ll do most of what this one can but the ZT 0022 has got the premium cachet — and the designer cool — which goes a long way toward justifying its upscale ($250) price tag.

Not sure if I can put into words why, but it does. Sometimes a beautiful, scaled-down piece of engineering is its own excuse for being.

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