THROOM Self-Healing Rimfire/Centerfire Dueling Tree Target Kit

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THROOM’s Self-Healing Plates now come in a Dueling Tree Kit — a shoot-through alternative for competitive shooters.

The kit uses six 6″ Dueling Tree plates, along with a single Alpha Bracket. All you have to do is add standard 2×4’s to build a complete Dueling Tree that is lightweight, indoor and all-weather safe for use both at the indoor range or to be kept outside in any weather condition.

THROOM’s 6″ Dueling Tree Plates are made of a denser, advanced polymer that is more reactive, allowing the plate to flip completely to the other side when hit, leaving only a pinhole in the self-healing target plate. The plate stays put until your opponent hits it back to your side of the Dueling Tree and can take over 1,000 rounds of both rimfire and centerfire rounds without worry of ricochets.

To use for quick competition: two shooters line up side by side with three plates on each side. The first shooter to hit all six targets to their opponents side, WINS!


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