More Questing

The 1990s: After some complicated trading I acquired a Winchester 88 lever action in .284 Win. A few years later I bought a Browning A-Bolt Hunter in .284 Win. Most of my deer hunting in the ’90s was with one or the other.

Simone had been using my Remington 700 .243. Being the thoughtful husband I am, I got her something a bit more compact — a Browning Micro Medallion. By happy chance it was in 7mm-08 Rem., a cartridge I wanted to try.

The 2000s: I was so enamored of the 7mm-08, I purchased an Ed Brown Damara chambered for it. Light, accurate, reliable, with a wonderful trigger, ideal balance and fit — perfection at last! Except, it wasn’t stainless steel.

The Weatherby Mark V dream came to pass, with an Ultra Lightweight .257 WM. I first used it in Africa, mainly on a cull shoot for springbok. Great rifle and cartridge. But there’s that long 26" barrel.

The 2010s: After laser surgery on one eye to repair retinal tears, recoil reduction became a priority. I bought a Sako 85 Finnlight in .243 Win., and more recently another Weatherby Mark V Ultra Lightweight in .240 WM. Both are superb to carry and shoot. These days most of my hunting is with one or the other. I can even live with the 1:10 twist.