I put together a half-assed double shoulder rig and pulled two S&W Aircrewman K-Frame .38s out of the collection with midrange wadcutters because of the aluminum cylinders, and felt like Sonny Crockett’s older stranger brother. I did some experimenting and found a Galco Shoulder System with loaded Colt LW Commander .45 on one side and two spare mags, cuffs in the optional cuff carrier and a Spyderco Police knife clipped to the accessory side of the harness equaled each other about to the ounce. That got me through until the back healed up. So, you might want to give something like this a shot.”

My friend has since ordered a Galco shoulder rig. I sincerely hope it helps him as much as it did me.

The shoulder holster can have other advantages. In 2013, I was in a helicopter crash which caused a lot of pain in the right hip area before it healed. The damage was to muscle tissue, not bone structure, so balanced weight on either side of the torso wasn’t a concern. A vertical Bianchi X15 shoulder holster carried a full-size combat handgun under my left arm during the healing process with the spare ammo not at all uncomfortable on my belt until I healed up.