The CCI Patriot Pack


In the pages of GUNS you will find unvarnished patriotism of the sort responsible for taming the frontier, spreading liberty across the globe and ruthlessly spanking the Nazis. Here we take our meat red and our freedom unfiltered. One of the neatest ways to express such red-blooded ideals is CCI’s .22LR 300-round Patriot Pack.

What makes the Patriot Pack so freaking cool are the 40-gr. solid bullets sheathed in red, white and blue polymer.

These polychromatic projectiles don’t foment any particularly enhanced downrange chaos or run any cleaner or better than the standard black sort. However, these things are as American as fast cars, pretty girls and nuclear bombs.

The Patriot Pack costs almost the same per round as comparable unadorned ammo. So go ahead, ventilate a soda can, drop a few tree rats, or shoot a little smiley face into a handy paper plate. It’s like high velocity freedom. With the CCI Patriot Pack you can express your love for our great nation every time you pull the trigger.

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