Finding It

Now the .32 Winchester Special brass is not something to be found on many gun shop shelves. Buckhorn had three boxes of factory Remington Core-Lokt 170-gr. .32 Specials and I also ordered 200 rounds of Hornady brass. For bullets I went with 170-gr. FN jacketed bullets from Speer and Hornady as well as 170-gr. cast bullets designed for the .32-40 from Missouri Bullet Company.

It takes two extra steps to load the .32 Winchester Special and these are the same steps I use for loading the .30-30. Once I have applied the proper kiss to the mouth of the case and used the RCBS powder measure to drop the proper powder charge, I then seat the bullets without crimping. After I have a full loading block of uncrimped brass, I then use the Lee Factory Crimp Die. Instead of having one ring of metal which squeezes the crimp, the Lee has four collets which squeeze in on the case resulting in a factory-style crimp. The Lee die is very easy to set. It is simply screwed into the press until it meets the shell holder and then turned one half turn more. It is now ready to provide a quality crimp.