Get Started

Rimfire cans are the worst. They grab lead and carbon like politicians grab money. Brake cleaner, soapy water, a brass brush and dental picks are undeniably tedious but also safest for both you and your gear.

Giving your cans or flash suppressors an overnight soak in penetrating oil helps to get things started. You can build a soaking vessel out of a PVC pipe and a pair of end caps. I use an old Thermos.

Harbor Freight sells a tabletop ultrasonic cleaner for $80. These things work great but can eat up both Cerakote and aluminum baffles. The same goes for a mechanical tumbler (about $50).

Harbor Freight sells a benchtop bead blasting cabinet for $120. The blast gun alone is only 20 bucks. You’ll still need an air compressor, but a bead blaster will eventually remove most anything. Be forewarned, however. Aluminum baffles are soft. Let them linger unduly using hard media and you’ll turn them into paperweights. However, exercise discretion and a blast cabinet will do the trick.