Snagmag Magazine Holster

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Let’s be honest — at the range, you use a standard magazine pouch for your auto pistol reloads, but in the real world, it doesn’t always happen. One of the main reasons is it’s awfully difficult to conceal a magazine clipped onto your belt or pocket. Your gun might be hidden but a container of bullets on your belt is as subtle as a nudist taking communion at your church.

With the Snagmag, a simple plastic bikini for your magazines, you wear your spare on the belt or clipped in your pocket. The design conceals the nature of the device as it looks like a common pocketknife, but holds your magazine ready for action. The “snag” part of the name comes from the fact it hooks to your clothing, leaving the holster anchored while the magazine comes free. All in all, it’s a deceptively simple triumph of good design principles.
MSRP: $34

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