This Wolverine Loves GLOCKs

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The Wolverine has the right texturing and design for most EDC needs.

I tested the Swampfox Wolverine Slide for the GLOCK 19, and I found it to be an outstanding upgrade to my carry gun. It has the right texturing and design for my EDC needs.

I can name many reasons why someone would want to replace their slide, but I’m not one who readily changes my safety equipment. I need a compelling reason. I know that most of us like participating in the Gun of the Month (or even Gun of the Week) Club but modifications on the gun one carries daily should be accompanied by long range sessions.

I know that some people like replace the slides just to make them look better, but I picked the Wolverine to make my GLOCK operate better, and to take advantage of features that agree with my training.

The Wolverine slide is custom machined from 416 billet stainless steel. I comes in hand-distressed Cerakote, or black nitride. The Wolverine fits OEM GLOCK GEN 1-3 or Polymer 80 frames without modification. They come already channel lined and are shipped with iron sights that the user installs himself. The sights aren’t just machined generic add-ons. They are supplied with Steel City Arsenal fiber optic sights. Swampfox also offers the option of tritium versions.

If you purchase this slide, you will need a slide build kit to complete it. You’ll also need an RMR footprint sight, if you are mounting without an adapter. If this is your EDC gun, pick the Swampfox Liberty. If you are competing, use the Justice.


Swampfox Liberty or Justice optic ready but Holosun 509 and other optics also work.

Compatible Optics

If you’re looking at the photos of me shooting my Wolverine, you’ll notice that I did not opt for a Swampfox Liberty or Justice optic to go with the slide. Like I said, I change things reluctantly. Right now I have thousands of rounds on target with my Holosun 509. I’ll probably switch to a Liberty set up soon, because it is slightly lighter and smaller, but I move slowly when swapping out EDC products. The Liberty also has an ideal co-witness level.

The same goes for other components. I used a Brownells barrel in this build because it places bullets exactly where I send them. The quality of a Brownells barrel can easily be demonstrated on Dot Torture. This is one of the three standards I use when testing products, and one of the drills that everyone should be running monthly.

The Steel City Arsenal Sights supplied with the Wolverine Slide are Combat Cut, specifically designed to be mounted in front of the optic. The shorter radius does not affect the performance of the co-witness and there is a bonus. If you’re like me, you’ll pound the front of the optic when performing immediate action drills. The front mounted rear sight adds a bit of protection. This is also the reason I chose the Wolverine slide. It has aggressive texturing in the front and rear of the slide, but there is a smooth spot at the ejection port. I find that my hand indexes this area well, giving great purchase and letting me know where I am on the slide


Aggressive front serrations without the accompanying abraded skin.

Why Did I Pick The Wolverine?

I’m not an “under-the-barrel-press-checker”, but I do like the front serrations for other racking purposes. Those that press check in this manner will really like the aggressiveness without the accompanying abraded skin.

I did the usual testing with my Wolverine slide, including running different types of ammo to check reliability, and insuring function and holster fit by drawing and firing and “1 and 1” drills. It fit everything I owned that was designed for a stock Glock 19.

So why did I pick the Wolverine over hundreds of other slide offerings in this price range? It is because I’m a handling snob.

The Wolverine slide is similar to the stock GLOCK slide in dimensions. It will run with the stock 18lb recoil spring, which I generally use. However, there is a generous contoured rectangle cut out on the top of the slide between the front sight and the ejection port. It has the same recoil characteristics as the stock Glock, but it feels closer to my hand. Perhaps it’s me, but my multiple target transition feels faster. I will work a bit on this before I get my shot timer out. The truth is, if I feel like it is faster, it will always be faster.

If you are going from a box-stock-Glock to an optic, the Swampfox Wolverine will be part of your dream build. I found it to be a foolproof drop in improvement for my EDC. MSRP is $339.

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