Sawyer Gravity System Water Filter

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It’s funny — I haven’t bought a water filter in over a decade and suddenly I’ve got three new ones sitting around.

The latest, the Sawyer Gravity System, is one of their Mini filters — I’ve used them for years — hooked via tubing to a one-gallon flexible bladder. Fill up the bladder, put it higher than the filter and gravity does all the work while you wait. In about seven minutes, according to specs, you’ll have water filtered down to 0.1 micron, which is just a few tenths of a decimal short of pure.
The Gravity System is perfect for home preparedness, which is why I got it. My plan is to keep it in the original packaging in our preparedness stash just in case we find ourselves filtering pond water to stay hydrated and fed during some kind of major emergency.

MSRP: Around $40

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