Savage Arms Model
110 High Country

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With the adjustable AccuStock, Mark said the Savage Model 110 High Country
was a pleasure to shoot and looks great due to the factory-fluted barrel.

If you haven’t noticed, Savage Arms continues to offer new and improved variations of existing models. The company is never satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for improvements, enhancements, new options and is constantly adding new calibers. This is certainly good news for shooters and hunters alike and, every Savage I’ve shot is accurate right out of the box — no need for trigger jobs, re-barreling or replacing stocks. They just plain shoot.

After looking over their new catalog for this year, one particular model jumped off the page and struck me between the eyes. This rifle would be an ideal hunting gun anywhere but it reminded me of western hunting in particular — perhaps it was the cool camouflage pattern.

I didn’t have the willpower to resist the lure of Savage’s new 110 High Country! I’ve shot several iterations of the Model 110 in the past and they have all been shooters. This new High Country had the appearance of what Western hunters would take to the field.


The Savage 110 High Country decked in TrueTimber camo and fitted with a
Leupold VX-6HD 2-12x42mm scope suitably dressed in Gore Optifade Subalpine camo.

Mark found the High Country loved Federal Premium hunting ammo and delivered great groups right out of the box.

The factory-fluted bolt gives the Savage 100 High Country the look of
a high-end custom hunting rifle at Real World prices!

The rifle features a threaded muzzle so you can easily add a muzzle break —
or an ear-saving sound suppressor if Congress ever gets its act together!

Alaska To Argentina

The 110 High Country comes in 11 different calibers ranging from .243 Winchester to .300 Win. Mag., including the 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .270 Win, .280 Ackley Improved, 7mm-08 Rem, 7mm Rem. Mag., .308 Win, .30-06, and .300 WSM. This spectrum covers just about everything you’d want to hunt in North America and most of what you’d be after abroad. All barrel lengths come in either 22 or 24″ trim, depending on caliber. To be honest, I wanted to try several of these options but finally settled on the .308 Win.

For starters, the TrueTimber camo is a great pattern and pleasing to the eye. The burnt-bronze PVD-coated barrel, receiver, bolt handle, triggerguard and magazine all blend perfectly with the camo and prove visually appealing.

There are many excellent features of the 110 High Country that stand out. The action is secured three-dimensionally along the entire length within the AccuStock internal chassis. The 3-position safety is located directly behind the bolt and can be operated nicely with the thumb of your shooting hand. The receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounting. A detachable 4-round magazine can be removed easily with the textured magazine release and there’s no hassle with re-inserting the magazine.

The synthetic stock features overmolded surfaces around the grip and forend areas. This non-slip surface will be appreciated in wet conditions or when your hands are sweaty. Aesthetically speaking, I liked the looks of the spiral-fluted bolt and barrel. The bolt knob is large and finely checkered on the top. Like other 110 rifles, the High Country features a floating bolt head and barrel nut to ensure reliable headspacing — which enhances accuracy. My .308 test rifle — wearing a 22″ barrel — comes with a threaded muzzle ready for accessories such as a muzzlebrake or suppressor. The diameter at the muzzle was 0.750″. Magnum calibers come with a ’brake included. Before I scoped it, my particular rifle tipped the scales at a tad over 8 lbs.

The 110 High Country features Savage’s user-adjustable AccuTrigger — no more trips to the gunsmith for an expensive trigger job. The trigger on my test gun broke cleanly at 3 lbs. and could be adjusted down to 2.5 lbs. The great trigger is complimented by Savage’s AccuFit stock system allowing the shooter to customize the rifle’s comb height and length of pull for the perfect cheek placement when looking through a scope. Each 110 High Country comes with easy-to-replace comb inserts and LOP spacers. If you have a Phillips screwdriver, you’re in business. You’ll never have to worry again about the rifle fitting you properly as you try to find your target in the scope.


The AccuFit stock system features interchangeable comb risers and length-of-pull
spacers with a cushy recoil pad to fit most shooters like a glove.

Savage is known for its game-changing user-adjustable AccuTrigger offering
a short lock-time to help accuracy. On the test gun, 3 lbs. pull proved perfect.

The detachable box magazine on the test gun held four rounds of .308 Win,
plenty for most of North America’s big game — if the hunter does his job.

Proof On Paper

At the range there were no surprises. I expected this one to shoot well — and it did. Once the gun was sighted-in, 3-shot groups were shot with all three Federal Premium loads. The rifle wasn’t fussy and — with all three loads — performed well up to my expectations. Take a good rifle, top it with quality glass, feed it premium ammunition and gratifyingly tight groups are the result.

The bolt ran smooth and fed the ammo consistently. Recoil wasn’t unpleasant even when shooting from the bench. The stock incorporates a nice, cushiony buttpad that absorbs the recoil. This Savage High Country proved to be a pleasure to use.

Right out of the box, the High Country makes a superb hunting rifle regardless where you may find yourself. I wouldn’t hesitate taking this Savage loaded with Federal Premium 165-gr. AccuBonds on an elk hunt or any other game (with the exception of big bears). If you’re in the market for a good-shooting rifle loaded with features for the serious hunter, the Savage Model 110 High Country is worth a look.

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