PrOlix Xtra-t Dry Lube

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Xtra-T Dry Lube is the companion piece to PrOlix Lubricant. I do have to point out to the PrOlix folks having a cleaner/lube and a dry lube — both of them liquid — is a bit confusing, but aside from the marketing issue, this secret sauce is my new fave.

Xtra-T is a thickish blue liquid you’d be tempted to call “gun oil.” However, if you rub a couple of drops of the greasy kid stuff between your fingers, you’ll see it’s much more robust than typical gun oil. In fact, you’d imagine it would be too thick to allow decent cold-weather operation — but you’d be wrong. My Midwestern winter-time tests show no decrease in performance even in finicky .22 LR semi-auto pistols.

It’s a weird amalgamation, bordering on voodoo — an oil that almost feels like a grease when you apply it to metal, yet doesn’t slow things down or get sticky. It just sits there and lubricates/protects while clinging to metal like Nancy Pelosi does to hypocrisy. She may be bad, but this stuff is oh-so-good!

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