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2021 Issue

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ShapeShift Modular Holster for Hellcat

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear announces the ShapeShift Modular Holster System for the Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat OSP. The Hellcat OSP holster has a pocket for an optic compatible with the Shield RMSc or a compact optic of the same dimensions. The pocket protects the optic, keeps the user from being poked or prodded and prevents clothing from being torn by the optic when carrying the pistol. MSRP: $45.88. For more info: (208) 215-2046,

FXH-45M Moxie

American Tactical Inc.

The FXH-45M Moxie is a full-size hybrid 1911 from American Tactical. It’s a single action, semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP. With an OAL of 8.7″, it weighs 1.95 lbs. unloaded and without the magazine. The Moxie has black polymer grips and a removable top plate for an optics mount. It has a patented polymer frame with two metal inserts and a 4140 steel slide with a parkerized finish. The Moxie ships with one 8-round magazine. MSRP: $399.95. For more info: (800) 290-0065,


Nitrofire with Firestick System

Traditions Performance Firearms

Nitrofire with the Firestick System makes muzzleloading safer, more accurate and reliable. The .50 caliber rifle from Traditions Performance Firearms has a 26″ ultralight chromoly steel fluted and tapered barrel, 1:28″ twist rifling, a Dual Safety System and many other features. It is equipped with Traditions’ Elite XT trigger system designed with a rebounding hammer and a manual cross block trigger safety. MSRP: from $549 to $1,202. For more info: (860) 388-4657,

SLx 1x Prism Scope

Primary Arms Optics

Primary Arms Optics has just released the SLx 1x Prism Scope with ACSS Cyclops reticle. Weighing 9.7 oz. with a massive eyebox and compact body, the prism can recreate the speed of red dot and holographic optics with the etched ACSS reticle. With the green-illumination option, users can choose between a red or green reticle depending on their preferences. Both color options come with 11 brightness settings. MSRP: $239.99. For more info: (713) 344-9600,


Holsters for the SIG P365

Kinetic Concealment

Kinetic Concealment now offers Holsters for the SIG P365. The Hybrid IWB holster, KC Baby Appendix Carry or the OWB holster complement the 9mm micro-compact P365. The Hybrid and KC Baby Appendix holster features a patented neoprene-backed leather and Kydex combination. The OWB holster is made with Kydex shells mounted to a cowhide leather backing. MSRP: Hybrid IWB, $65.95; OWB, $44.95; KC Baby Appendix Carry, $52.95. For more info: (731) 388-9693,

Pointer KST-1230

Legacy Sports

Legacy Sports International introduces the Pointer KST-1230, a single-barrel trap gun. It comes in 12 ga. with a 2¾” chamber, a 30″ raised and vented wide rib barrel and a fiber optic front sight. The Pointer KST-1230 features five extended screw-in chokes, a walnut stock with adjustable cheek piece as well as a walnut beavertail forend and ejector. MSRP: $599. For more info: (800) 553-4229,


Gen II Micro Holster

Remora Holsters

The Gen II Micro Holster from Remora offers low profile concealment. It is draw side-specific with a swivel metal clip to adjust for preferred cant. Made of soft lightweight material designed for semi-automatics or revolvers, the Gen II Micro Holster is also available in Remora’s original classic signature material. MSRP: $26.95. For more info: (239) 316- 7770,

Trapper John’s Ultimate Buck Lure

Wildlife Research Center

Wildlife Research Center introduces Trapper John’s Ultimate Buck Lure. Part of the new line of Micro Brew Craft Scents, Trapper John’s Ultimate Buck Lure combines secrets from trappers of long ago, highly attractive oils and premium doe urine with estrus secretions. This line of high-performance lures is crafted in small batches to optimize their strengths in various attraction qualities. MSRP: $29.99 for a 4-fl. oz. bottle. For more info: (800) 873-5873,


Standard Issue

We the Essentials

We The Essentials introduces Standard Issue, their first apparel collection. With pieces for both men and women, the new line ranges from hats to hoodies representing the American spirit. We The Essentials products are handpicked for quality and customer comfort. In picture is the Standard Issue Black T-Shirt. MSRP: $25. For more info:

Xtreme Waterfowl Gear

Beretta USA

Beretta launches the Xtreme Waterfowl Gear, a clothing line featuring jackets, sweaters, vests and bibs as well as hats, neck gaiters and gloves. Made of windproof, waterproof, abrasion-resistant and breathable fabrics, the new clothing line uses Veil Camo’s Veil Avayde camouflage pattern for reed and marsh environments. In picture is the Beretta B-Xtreme GTX Jacket. MSRP: $499. For more info: (301) 283-2191,


Pro-Cam 24 Bundle

Pro-Cam 24 Bundle

The Pro-Cam 24 Bundle from Muddy Outdoors is a camera system for capturing wildlife photos and video. The budget bundle includes a 24-Megapixel trail camera along with six AA batteries and a 16-GB SD card. The camera is easy to program and can deliver 1,280×720 HD video with sound or 32 FPS VGA video with sound to capture wildlife action. Flash and detection range out to 70 feet. MSRP: $129.99. For more info: (877) 269-8490,

Mini Sling

TOPS Knives

The Mini Sling is a shrunken version of TOPS Knives’ full-sized slingshot released in 2017. Designed by knifemaker Leo Espinoza, the Mini Sling comes in a brown leather sheath to make it easier to carry in a pocket or belt. The black powder-coated structural steel with Tan Canvas micarta handles give the Mini Sling the TOPS “bushcraft” look. With an OAL of 3.5″, it weighs 3.2 oz. with the sheath. MSRP: $100. For more info: (208) 542-0113,


Estrus Squeeze Me Elk Cow Cal

Carlton’s Calls

Carlton Calls introduces the Estrus Squeeze Me Elk Cow Call. The handheld elk call makes big, authentic, nasal cow sounds bull elk find irresistible. It’s easy to use and also creates high-pitched, long-distance fighting cow calls to up-close estrus whines and calf calls. The Estrus Squeeze Me is tuneable. Just dial in the pitch you want by adjusting tone slots. MSRP: $29.99. For more info: (877) 269-8490,

SkinTight Pocket Holster

CCW Breakaways

Eliminate accidental or negligent discharges with CCW Breakways’ SkinTight Pocket Holster. The thin, hard-core, soft-skin pocket holster features a hard Kydex core for safe trigger protection. A soft-to-the-touch outer skin tightly fits around the gun and a formed site channel ensures no snags. Holster features ensure unobstructed entry and smooth-sliding withdrawal of the gun. The SkinTight Pocket Holster can be used for GLOCK 43, 43X, 42, SIG P365, P938, GLOCK 26, 27, SCCY CPx-1, Taurus G2c and more. MSRP: $24.99. For more info:

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