Mystery Ranch Coulee 25 Daypack


I must admit I have a pack problem. Whereas some people horde shoes, cash or, God forbid, Hummel figurines, I have entirely too many packs on hand. So, a few months ago, I did the only rational thing to do — I ordered a Mystery Ranch Coulee 25 Daypack.

I was searching for a bag to carry from the airline overhead bin and straight into the field on editorial trips. It needed to be robust enough to withstand both the hell of air travel and bashing in the back of a dusty jeep. So far, the Coulee has been perfect in all regards and shows far less wear than Your Humble Editor.

The pack is essentially one giant pouch and stuff is easy to find via the tri-opening, water-resistant zippers. There is a small compartment in the lid for keys, ammo and such. While I own too many packs, this one just went to the top of the list.

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