MEPRO FUBS Offer Backup, Backup AR Sights


New Meprolight FUBS feature a low-profile, tritium-enhanced design.

When you first start shooting, it’s recommended you train with iron sights before adding an optic. The rationale being, should your optic go down due to battery or physical failure, you’ll be forced to revert back to traditional iron sights. However, with the growing popularity of red dot sights and low power variable optics on AR-style rifles and pistols, iron sights primarily serve as backups.

An SK Group member, Meprolight offers optic solutions for shooting sports, self-defense, hunting, military and law enforcement, including illuminated night sights. New for 2021, Meprolight’s Folding Back-Up Sights (FUBS) offer tritium-enhanced front and rear iron sights in a low-profile design.

A simplified version of Meprolight/F.A.B. Defense FRBS sights, the new FUBS are made from fiberglass-reinforced polymer and metal for a lightweight, but durable construction and feature a spring-based locking mechanism to quickly flip up and deploy the sights on any compatible MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail.

The FUBS feature small dimples on the back that act as additional backup sights when folded.

In both the front and rear sights, tritium provides illumination for shooters to confidently engage targets in any lighting condition. The rear sight features a ghost ring with dual tritium dots while the front sight is highlighted with a tritium post. Both sights are adjustable without the need for tools by way of thumbwheels in the rear for elevation and the front for windage.

And if backup sights weren’t enough, the Mepro FUBS offer backup, backup sights when folded with small dimples on the back of both the front and rear sight posts to create a primitive three-dot sight alignment.

Available in black, pricing for the Meprolight FUBS is around $120.

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