Axe or Optic?

By comparison to similar units, image quality is okay but not stunning. There are other value-priced thermal cameras offering higher resolution, faster refresh rate and a few other nice features such as recording but in terms of size, ease of use and build quality, I’d rate the LTO-Tracker 2 HD as the top of the heap. I’d even put the build quality above some higher-priced professional units. Obviously I couldn’t do any destructive testing on the loaner but this thing looks like it could split firewood and survive. The included neoprene protective sleeve is also easier to use in the field than lens caps.

The camera functions are accessed via three rubberized buttons on top of the device. Operation is almost intuitive — without reading the instructions, I was observing my hot (literally, thermally-speaking) wife in the kitchen within seconds of installing the single CR123 battery. Battery life is about 3 hours, on par with units from other manufacturers.