KOR Technik 3S Case Inserts


Imagine the impossible dream of always having a perfect foam cushion for your precious firearms during travel, regardless of what the gun du jour happens to be. The dream is now a reality with KOR Technik case inserts.

At most basic, a KOR Technik insert is a tough nylon bag filled with foam beads. You place it inside your gun case, lay your gun and accessories on the pad, attach the hand vacuum pump, and something magic happens — the foam compacts around the contents and makes a perfect form-fitting, tough-yet-yielding protective insert. Whether you’re packing a lever-action, a tactical rifle, bunches of handguns or anything else, everything in the case is perfectly protected against bumps and baggage maulers.

Even better, when the next trip beckons you to release the vacuum, the foam breathes a sigh of relief and relaxes into an amorphous form for you to repeat the process of making a whole new custom case insert — OCD shooters unite!

MSRP: $265

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