Gozenta Multi Tool

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Lots of people carry hidden inside their car, within arm’s reach, “just in case.” However, most haven’t yet realized in even a moderate crash, their gun will likely end up out of action and out of reach. It’s happened many times before, which is why undercover cops stopped doing it following the 1986 FBI Miami shootout.

You can prevent inadvertent loss of firearm, while keeping it extremely handy with the Gozenta multi tool from HAWG Holsters. The simple device clips into the seatbelt buckle of an unoccupied seat and keeps your HAWG Holster secured via the holster’s Ulticlip. Put a hat or jacket over the gun and you’re ready for car trouble. The device also has wrenches, bottle openers, a paracord and possibly a cappuccino maker (we made up this last thing, but it’s still awfully handy!).
MSRP: $20


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