The Optic

What blew me away in terms of technology was the scope riding the Momentum, a Burris Eliminator III — their 3rd generation, laser-range-finding, trajectory-compensating, 4-16x50 rifle scope with an MSRP of $2,039. It was too good to be true.

I’ve always sighted my big game rifles in using the time-tested point-blank range system. In most hunting calibers, the system works just fine at 250 or 300 and even out to 400 yards in some cartridges. The Burris Eliminator III changes all that.

Programming your cartridge and altitude offset into its memory, you press a button and the scope ranges the target out to +-750 yards on a non-reflective target. In milliseconds, it automatically calculates the drop and up-or-down angle of the shot and generates an illuminated red dot as your precise aiming point on the vertical axis of the reticle. Even better, the scope displays a 10 MPH windage offset in the upper corner of the eye piece image.