Forceflex Tactical Sunglasses

What I Carry for Everyday Eye Protection

Finally, military grade tactical sunglasses that do the job but don't break the bank.

These Forceflex shades I’ve been wearing for the past couple months are impressive. They exceed MIL-PRF-31013 military ballistic standards but cost only twenty bucks. Plus they’re decently comfortable and good-looking, too. What’s more, they’re virtually indestructible. Take a look…

It wasn’t too long ago we had only a couple options in tactical eyewear. Pay a lot of money and hope you don’t destroy or lose your shades. Or buy cheap garbage shades that offered, well, no real benefits other than you not feeling bad when they fell apart or disappeared. Now, Forceflex offers truly functional shades at a decent price.

The thick arms on the Forceflex shades offer some wraparound protection and impressive ruggedness. If they’re too loose on your head, squeeze the arms together a bit. If they’re too tight, pull them apart for a bit. If your head is shaped funny relative to your nose, twist the frame with your hands until you get a better fit.

Back in the day, tactical shooting glasses were fashion monstrosities. No more, as demonstrated by the very cool but subdued style in these Forceflex frames. If you prefer a different look, the company also offers a half frame option.

You probably wouldn’t do this to your $100 pair of sunglasses. But the plastic frames of the Forceflex glasses have both substantial give and significant rigidity. How? I have no idea. But I’m not afraid of abusing these. They can take it.

You can buy these Forceflex glasses on Amazon.