Fix It Sticks Mini All-in-One Torque Driver


A torque wrench is one of those things we all “know” we need, yet secretly we believe our Mark I certified fingers can determine when a bolt is tightened adequately.

That’s why the Fit It Sticks line of pocket torque wrenches are important and I keep a set in my shooting bag to make sure everything is snugged up “to spec” before shooting. The only issue — I hesitate to say “problem” — is keeping the various specific wrenches together and organized for use. Fortunately, the new Mini All-in-One-Torque driver solves the dilemma.

The Mini works unlike other Fix It Sticks torque wrenches in there are five markings at 5 ft-lb. intervals ranging up to 25 ft-lbs. It doesn’t make a “click” when you reach a certain setting, instead an indicator lines up on the stationary half of the tool. Now, you just need a T-handle or other ¼” driver, along with the appropriate bit for your screwhead, to verify screw tightness faster than you can talk about it.

MSRP: $55

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