Snow Day For Scopes

I didn’t bother to drop the EOtech in a sink full of warm water to check for leaks. I can’t remember the last time a new scope bubbled, so I also quit giving them baths several years ago. Instead, the EOtech, Mossberg and I went hunting for several days with my old friend John Haviland on the Jumping Horse Ranch near Ennis, Montana. On the fourth morning I killed a middling-size mule deer buck at just about a tenth as far as my the longest gong-test earlier. That evening I followed John and ranch-manager Jeff Klein up a steep mountain covered with a foot of soggy snow. It was Haviland’s turn to shoot, and he killed a raghorn bull elk at 200 yards.

The EOtech got moisture-tested going back down, because the dead elk often slid down the mountain ahead of us. Being considerably younger than the two Johns, Jeff hiked down, but we often waited until the bull stopped, then sat down and butt-tobogganed down the trail, not always smoothly. I enhanced the field test by slipping and falling after we reached somewhat flatter ground. The scope didn’t fog internally or change point of impact. I think I fogged internally though.