DB Suppressor Foam


Inland dB Foam quiets cans and protects their innards.

Everything in the universe can be distilled down to Physics. Airplanes flying, submarines diving, or shouting in pain when you drop something heavy on your toe — it’s all physics. In the case of sound suppressors, how well they work is a function of how well they manipulate the laws of physics.

A sound suppressor for a firearm has to cool and slow the hot, high-speed gases that escape out the angry end of a gun to reduce the perceived sound. Some cans strive to maximize volume, while others rely upon intricate geometric shapes to confound the gas. One thing that almost always makes a good can better is the addition of some kind of ablative material.

This material can be water, shaving cream, wire-pulling gel or Vaseline. However, some stuff can be viscerally unpleasant or even corrode the guts of your suppressor. Nowadays Inland Manufacturing offers dB Suppressor Foam — it’s designed to be tidy, easy-to-use, safe, and effective.

dB Suppressor Foam is water-based so cleanup is a snap. It also leaves an effective lubricating film behind to help protect your suppressor. Additionally, it retains its foaminess for up to 6 months inside the suppressor. This allows you to squirt it into your can and then expect it to still be effective later when you are in the field or on the range.

dB Suppressor Foam comes in two sizes and is as easy to manage as a can of shaving cream. Just spritz a little down the core of your suppressor and substantively enhance its performance. dB Suppressor Foam can make non-hearing-safe cans hearing safe and noisy cans more pleasant. dB Suppressor Foam makes good cans great.

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