Bradford G-Necker

Brute force and all muscle!
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The Bradford Knives G-Necker is a brute of a neck knife just as
comfortable in the field as it is in an urban environment.

Bradford Knives is not the biggest name in the cutlery world but those in the know will tell you they build some beastly knives. Their G-Necker is a prime example. While most neck knives are thin and lightweight for back-up duty, this brute of a necker eschews the norm and comes loaded for bear.

While most knives made to dangle around the neck typically have steel in the 0.10″ to 0.12″ range, Bradford’s G-Necker more than doubles the ante, showing up at the party with over twice the thickness.

The G-Necker is 6.125″ overall and is made from one solid slab of 0.26″ premium German Bohler-Uddenholm Elmax stainless steel, some of the best on the market and found not only in high-end tactical folders, but top bushcraft knives as well. The blade is 2.874″ of graceful, flat-ground Drop Point perfection capable of everything from combat to field dressing. The G-Necker’s 3.25″ handle is skeletonized to reduce weight and there’s a handy lanyard hole at the base. A black Kydex pull-down sheath is included, replete with black paracord, ready to roll.


Steel this thick is uncommon for a neck knife but Bradford has done
a nice job of smoothing the edges for comfortable use.

Why You’ll Like It

Despite its overbuilt construction the Bradford G-Necker weighs in at a very reasonable 2.68 oz. so it’s not going to have you walking on the balls of your feet. This is a versatile neck knife, just as comfortable working in the field as it is serving protective duty in an urban environment. While it can be cord-wrapped for added cushion while in use, Bradford did an excellent job of contouring the handle edges to keep them from cutting into the flesh. In essence, it’s built like a tank with Cadillac seats. Better yet, the G-Necker goes for a very affordable $99 suggested retail.

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