Benchmade Bailout

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Brent T. Wheat

Their product literature asks, “Looking to fly under the radar?” When you heft the Benchmade 537 Bailout knife, you’ll understand what they’re saying!

The 3.38″ tanto CPM-3V blade fits into black Grivory handles with an aluminum pommel for a total package tipping scales at a mere 2 oz. While I’m not a huge fan of tanto blade profiles, the stout blade coupled with slimness and incredible light weight make this knife a strong contender for my new everyday carry blade, especially in lightweight pants. With an overall length of just 4.7″ and handle thickness of 0.4″ you usually forget it’s there even when wearing a suit.

My current favorite “dress” blade is a stiletto-style pocket folder which, frankly isn’t good for much, but it’s lightweight. Now, with the 537 Bailout, I can carry a serious blade capable of any reasonable chore without causing my khakis to sag like a second-rate white middle-aged rapper. Retailing around $144 online, it’s a winner!

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