Aggressive Elegance

Taking The TI-Sportster For A Spin Around The Block

The V Nives TI-Sportster is a visual blend of curves and angles. A nicely sculpted titanium
handle and striking Wharncliffe blade work together nicely.

V Nives may just be the coolest American cutlery outfit you’ve never heard of, but their slick designs are well worth your attention. The company was founded just over a year ago by Mike Vellekamp, a rabid knife aficionado with over 25 years of production knifemaking and design experience under his belt. In truth, those in serious cutlery circles have known Vellekamp for many years. His knack for slick knife design was already well established — he just happened to be working for somebody else. Now it’s his show.

The V Nives’ TI-Sportster is a perfect example of Vellekamp’s art, an eye-satisfying blend of curves combined with angles that may defy logic, but delight nonetheless. Think of it as a curvaceous Italian sports car which snaps your neck back when you hit the gas. The beauty turns beast at the blink of an eye. The TI-Sportster is 8.625″ overall with a tad over 5.0 of the total in a handsomely sculpted Titanium handle of frame-lock design. Fit and finish is excellent and nice details abound — from the folder’s monogrammed V-topped pivot screws to the 3.0 Titanium pocket clip which, like the frame, happens to have some sleek curves of its own.

The TI-Sportster’s 3.75″ 154CM stainless steel Wharncliffe blade (this style is sometimes referred to as a “reverse tanto”) rolls out on Phosphor Bronze washers via ambidextrous thumb studs and snicks into place with authority. Its flat-edged configuration has always been known as an excellent utility style, but was also found to be a formidable combat edge during the rise of today’s tactical folder.

Fit and finish on the TI-Sportster is excellent. V Nives goes the extra mile
with details like custom monogrammed blade pivots.

The Sum of Its Parts

True to Vellekamp form everything works together as a whole on the TI-Sportster. Whether its the angles and curves shaking hands in harmony or the fine finishing complementing the folder’s tight mechanics — it all comes together both visually and ergonomically. To run the numbers, the overall length (open) is 8.265″, weight is 4.71 oz.

But as the man on TV says, “That’s not all!” The TI-Sportster comes packaged in a handy 3 by 6 Pelican-style box reusable for holding whatever goodies your heart desires whether in the field, on the dresser or on your shop bench.

MSRP on the V Nives TI-Sportster is $264.95 — well worth a spin from pocket to hand for those with a taste for affordable luxury.

V Nives LLC
Ph. (253) 987-8900

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