A.G. Russell Sandbox Dagger

Double-edged dandy!
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A.G. Russell’s 10.8" Sandbox Dagger is a modern version of the original
WWII Fairbairn-Sykes dagger in a beefier overall design.

One of A.G. Russell’s great talents was making modern send-ups of traditional patterns — in this case the legendary Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger of WWII fame. Russell dubbed his the “Sandbox Dagger” in reference to the Middle-Eastern theater where much of our U.S. military action has been focused. One major change A.G. and his designer Phil Gibbs made was to add a slightly wider blade with a thicker, beefier spine to dispel any doubt of the sturdiness, or lack thereof, sometimes associated with these old daggers. The result is the stout dagger (a take-off of the Marine Raider Stiletto version) you see here.

Russell’s revised perspective on the classic Fairbairn-Sykes is 10.8″ long — 6.0″ in blade length and with a noticeable increase in blade width of 1.20″ at the base. The blade grind is 4.0″. The steel is proprietary DM1 high carbon steel developed by knifemaker/metallurgist Dan Maragni and a black DLC top coat keeps the rust monster away. The handle scales are Olive Drab Rucarta (like Micarta), nicely sculpted with a machined omni-directional groove texturing. To keep the beast contained when not in use Russell designed a MOLLE-compatible ballistic nylon sheath with a front pouch to house a sharpening stone or whatever essential(s) you please.


The Sandbox Dagger’s scales are Olive Drab Rucarta comfortably
sculpted and topped with omni-directional grooved texturing.

Why You’ll Like It

First, the Sandbox Dagger is extremely tough. In testing prior to manufacturing Gibbs was able to push the blade though an AK-47 magazine with zero damage to the tip. Secondly, the overall materials and construction are first-class — reflecting A.G. Russell’s demand for his least expensive knives to exceed his customers’ expectations. Not being inexpensive, the icon’s Sandbox Dagger had to have the top-shelf quality and finish to please the pickiest of owners — and it does. The A.G. Russell Sandbox Dagger is priced at $375.


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