Back To The Future

Now in my later years I’ve rediscovered the joy of .38 Special target loads with full WCs. Several years ago I took part in a tournament with 60 shooters, each shooting four different handguns — .22, a centerfire semi-auto and both centerfire DA and SA revolvers. For my single action I chose a Freedom Arms Model 97 with .357 Magnum brass loaded with WCs to the old .38 Special/2.7 grains of Bullseye level. Of the 240 targets we shot, there was only one perfect score turned in by yours truly (who says SAs aren’t target guns?).

Lately I’ve been shooting lots of .38 WCs, especially in J- and K-Frame snubbies. My bullets of choice are the Oregon Trail DBWC (double-based wadcutter), Matt’s Bullets standard WC and the Hornady swaged-lead HBWC (hollow-base wadcutter).