Trigger Time

Of course it was reliable with everything we fed it. If it says “9mm Para” on the headstamp, the Shadow Systems guns will eat it reliably and well. These guns also shoot unnaturally straight. Keeping my rounds in a tennis ball at 15 meters wasn’t a challenge.

Something about these Shadow Systems pistols just feels good. There is a natural spot for each of my fingers and the grip inserts let me configure the chassis to suit my big monkey mitts. It is obvious when you heft these things some really smart people put a lot of effort into making everything perfect.

I topped my MR920L pistol with a Holosun HE509T-GR enclosed reflex optical sight. The built-in solar cell automatically adjusts the user-selectable reticle for ambient light and ensures truly insane run times. The Shake Awake function cranks the sight up whenever you touch it. The titanium housing is indestructible. No kidding, I love these things.