No Fail

Rifle intact and case inspection done, I was soon perforating the middle of a 100-yard target. First groups, with 180-grain Hornady Interbond loads averaged 1.1". Great! But the winner of the day was Federal’s 200-grain Terminal Ascent ammo. It kept sending bullets into 0.8". The difference is academic. At 400 yards either load from this rifle would make a grapefruit quake in its boots, if grapefruit had boots.

Feeding was without fault. There were no failures to extract or eject. Soon I was flicking the bolt as naturally as if it were the forend of a pump shotgun — instead of subconsciously nudging the knob up after each shot as was my tendency at first. The meaty barrel and well-proportioned stock, with generous cushioning from the butt-pad, held recoil to a level I’ve come to expect from .30-06 loads.