Over The Mountain

In 1988/1989 Smith & Wesson began producing stainless steel .45 revolvers. There is a lot of confusion around this production with both .45 ACP and .45 Colt versions offered with each chambering sometimes marked as Model of 1989 or Model of 1988. Examples of both chamberings have been found with each of these two Model markings. At least Smith & Wesson was now on the right track. A whole list of stainless steel .45 Colt Model 625 Smith & Wesson sixguns were produced including a 4" slim-barreled Mountain Gun and a heavy barreled 4" under-lugged offering.

I purchased one of the early stainless Mountain Guns in .45 Colt and was quite pleased with it. So much so, when I saw a used one in a gun shop, I decided to make mine a pair. The only problem was the second version would not shoot at all well. I tried measuring the chamber throats and custom tailoring bullets and checking the cylinder/barrel alignment and … nothing worked. Then as we were carefully examining the inside of the barrel, it appeared there was a very slight bulge.

Contacting Smith & Wesson brought the word there were no more slim Mountain Gun barrels available but they did have 4" heavy underlug barrels. This sixgun went off to the factory to have the new barrel installed and now it performs exceptionally well.