New SIG SAUER Custom Knives from SOG


SIG SAUER has announced four new knife models in partnership with SOG Knives.

While many gun owners enjoy fraternizing with firearms from all manufacturers, some are dedicated to a single brand, their loyalty often extending beyond just guns.

Take a company like SIG SAUER for instance, who manufactures firearms, optics, ammunition and suppressors for civilians and professionals. From the firearm they carry to the riflescope they hunt with to the ammunition they load to the clothes they wear on and off the range, it’s easy to understand how someone might incorporate the brand into every aspect of their life.

Another complementary market, SIG SAUER has long partnered with popular knife makers, like Kershaw and Hogue, to produce SIG-branded blades. After all, no everyday carry is complete without a good knife and new for 2021, SIG SAUER has introduced four new knife models in collaboration with industry staple SOG Knives.

SIG SAUER Legion Vision XR FDE (back) & Cool Grey (front)

Legion Series

Included in the new offerings are two knife models specially branded for SIG SAUER Legion members. Named the Legion Vision XR, the knives differ in appearance while sharing the same specs.

Featuring 3.36” tanto-style, plain edge blades — finished FDE or black — made from heat-treated CTS XHP stainless steel, the knives wear FDE or Cool Grey handles made from lightweight and durable G10 with a laser-cut Legion logo.

Custom versions of SOG’s Vision XR design, the knives use a thumb stud and XR mechanism to open, measuring just over 8” open while weighing 4.4 oz. Closed, the knives measure 4.65” and offer a reversible pocket carry clip with complete ambidextrous controls.

Pricing for the new Legion Vision XR knives is not currently available but expect more than the $149.95 tag of SOG’s non-branded base model.

SIG SAUER Terminus XR (back) & Ultra XR Carbon (front)

Terminus & Ultra XR

Designed more for everyday carry, the new Terminus XR and Ultra XR Carbon offer two levels of pocket confidence. Both sporting clip point blades, the Terminus features D2 steel and black G10 grips while the premium Ultra uses heat-treated S35VN stainless steel and carbon grips.

The Terminus XR blade measures 2.8” long while the Ultra’s measures slightly longer at 2.95” in length. The difference in blade and handle lengths contribute to overall lengths of 7.21” and 6.4”, respectively. As implied by their names, the knives also feature SOG’s XR locking mechanism with the Terminus utilizing a thumb stud and the Ultra a thumb hole. Both also offer a pocket clip.

Pricing for the Terminus XR is $59.99, with the Ultra XR Carbon going for $134.99.

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