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Multi-Mount Platform

Mission First Tactical

Mission First Tactical’s (MFT) Multi-Mount Platform gives easy and quick access to your essential equipment where you need them most. Ideal for mounting holsters, multi-tools, comms, flashlights, knives, tourniquets and more, it comes with a choice of 3M adhesive or a hook backer for use with a loop. Attaches to almost any surface such as a car console, bedside nightstand and more. The Multi-Mount is robust and can hold a full-size handgun and holster. MSRP: $24.99. For more info: (267) 704-0001,

Ruger GP-100 With Red Hawk Sights

D&L Sports

Like all D&L sights, the Ruger GP-100 With Red Hawk Sights are precision machined from a solid block of steel They don’t break and lose zero. Ruger sights are available for the GP100, Redhawk, Bisley Flat Top but not for the Blackhawk. MSRP: $95 for rear sights plus $45 for U-notch cut and refinish; Front GP100 dovetail/plunger retained sights are $45 for black serrated ramp. For more info: (928) 636-1726,


SIG P320 OWB Holster

Bravo Concealment

The SIG P320 OWB Holster is actually Bravo Concealment’s Adaptive gun holster that has been around for almost 10 years! It is one of the most comfortable and concealable OWB holsters on the market. Add Bravo’s famous pancake wings for a closer fit to the body with an adjustable ride height and cant. MSRP: $40.99. For more info: (956) 783-7682,


Telum Tactical

The Tremor from Telum Tactical is for high-end knife users. It is equipped with a side safety with the ability to lock the knife in an open or closed position. With an OAL of 8″, this pocket-worthy knife has a closed length of 4.5″. Its 3.5″ S3SV blade with a full hollow grind is satin-finished. MSRP: $189.99. For more info: (844) 471-4868,


Ultra Hook Remover

EGO Fishing

EGO’s Ultra Hook Remover is designed for removing hooks deep from the throats of game fish. It has a two-finger pinching mechanism grip that extends and retracts a non-corrosive J-shaped hook grabber for easy and safe hook removal from thrashing game fish in or out of a landing net. Made of non-corrosive metal components. MSRP: $15.99. For more info: (800) 698-6841,

Black Vidua

Altor Corp.

The Black Vidua from Altor Corp. is a special restricted version of the Altor pistol, a unique single-shot weapon with just six parts. All the metal parts are stainless steel and the polymer parts are Nylon 6. The Black Vidua has a threaded barrel treated with Black Nitride, making it even more corrosion resistant than the original stainless-steel barrel. When fitted with a suppressor, it is the quietest covert weapon! It has no parts to rack or rotate so the gun itself is completely silent. MSRP: $179. For more info: (602) 441-4077,



Victory Archery

High velocity, precision and durability come together in Victory Archery’s 3DHV, one of the lightest and fastest target arrows. Constructed of high modulus 100% carbon fiber, the small-diameter arrows deliver maximum speed and accuracy with less wind deflection. They’re available in spines ranging from 300–800 and are finished with Victory’s ICE Nano Ceramic Coating. MSRP: 159.99 (Elite); $139.99 (Gamer); $119.99 (Sport Series). For more info: (866) 934-6565,

Pathfinder 30

Mammoth Coolers

Lightweight yet durable, Mammoth’s Pathfinder 30 is the cooler for any outdoor adventure. Featuring high-density nylon with thick TPU laminated material, the cooler resists punctures and tears. Its antimicrobial liner resists mold and mildew while thick foam insulation ensures 1 to 2+ days of ice retention. The 30-quart soft cooler has a carrying capacity of 24 cans. MSRP: $199.99. For more info: (855) 594-6159,


Rapid Force Duty Holster

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters introduces the Rapid Force Duty Holster for Compact Lights. It is designed to fit SIG SAUER’s full-size, compact and X-Frame P320, with or without a light. These ambidextrous holsters are offered with a basketweave or matte exterior finish. The holsters are also designed to secure the P320 pistol again, with or without a light. MSRP: $157.80. For more info: (208) 215-2046,

Standard Dot Night Sights

XS Sights

Owners of Taurus 856 and 605 revolvers who want to improve their shooting performance can upgrade to XS Sights’ Standard Dot Night Sights. Designed for personal defense, Standard Dot sights feature a tritium powered front sight surrounded by a photo-luminescent orange or green Glow Dot to absorb ambient light and glow in low light to provide dual illumination. The high visibility sight aids faster and more accurate target acquisition, especially for those with aging eyes or deteriorating vision. MSRP: $73. For more info: (888) 744-4880,




The FLEX G-36 from SPYPOINT builds on the FLEX platform and will join the FLEX-S to offer a complete family of high-performance, feature-rich cellular trail cameras to suit any type of hunter. Improvements on the FLEX G-36 is the increase in photo resolution from 33MP to 36MP, improved battery life and optimized connectivity. The FLEX G-36 is still capable of taking and transmitting 1080p video with sound. MSRP: $119.99. For more info: (888) 779-7646,



Use the X-TERRA PRO for treasure hunting! Durable, lightweight and waterproof, it is priced to be a gateway into the sport. This metal detector offers modern technology in a durable, waterproof and affordable package. Easily operated, it has preset search modes that operate on frequencies best suited for parks, fields, beaches and the like. MSRP: $269.99. For more info: [email protected],


Bear Edge 61123

Bear & Son Cutlery

Bear & Son Cutlery expands their butterfly line with the new Galaxy Series. These new balisong-style knives are built with premium craftsmanship and feature unique, multi-colored metallic finish handles. The Galaxy Series includes 10 models — trainers, drop points, clip points, tanto and armor-piercing shapes. The 5″ butterfly knives are offered in stainless steel, 1095 Carbon and Damascus. The tang pin construction on these knives delivers smooth, “no-slop” deployment and a matching T-latch keeps the handles secure while closed. MSRP: About $68 for the trainer. For more info: (256) 435-2227,

What The Flock Pack

The Grind Outdoors

The Grind launches the What The Flock Pack for turkey hunters who rely on a lifelike decoy setup. The pack includes three decoys as well as a decoy bag that doubles as a mini blind and fits up to three standard decoys. Includes the Reaper Quarter Body Strutter with a detachable full fan, the Lay Down Hen that’s in a realistic breeding position and the Relaxed Feeding Hen whose posture simulates movement. The decoys are constructed of a durable EVA material with a heat-treated, textured paint for realism. MSRP: $229.96 for the entire set. For more info: (844) 471-4868,

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