A Fractional Glitch

Normally I start at 25 yards to sight in a scope, however, I figured this one would at least be on paper since it had already been sighted in for the Marlin. This proved to be true and I proceeded to precisely sight it in at 100 yards. At first it was shooting high and left, so I calculated how many clicks I would have to move, and now it was shooting way to the right. I made other adjustments and was getting nowhere when Denis asked whether the scope had 1/4″ clicks. We discovered it had 1/2″ clicks! Once this problem was solved, the Remington was sighted in and I proceeded to shoot a 5/8″ group with the 150-gr. Sierra loaded to a velocity of 2,260 fps. I never expected to ever get such results from the short-barreled Model 600.

The same load also shot superbly in Denis’ Savage with a 7/8″ group at a muzzle velocity of 2,370 fps. Switching to the Encore — which has a 15″ barrel and an SSK muzzlebrake — three shots went into 1-3/4″ at 100 yards. Muzzle velocity was 2,050 fps. Recoil was tamed tremendously with a combination of the HSM load and the SSK Muzzle Brake with the barrel moving less than an inch off the sandbags when the Encore was fired.

Both Ruger Model 77 Compacts joined right in the group with a one-inch group at a muzzle velocity of 2,100 fps with the .243, while the Compact 7mm-08 — one of my favorite little rifles — rivaled the .243 with the same group size and just a few feet more muzzle velocity. These little 16-1/2″ bolt-action carbines are easy to carry in the field, shoot exceptionally well, and with the HSM loads not only give excellent groups but do so without punishing your shoulder. The 7mm-08, at least to my way of thinking, is one of the unsung great rifle chamberings of all time.

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