Today’s Company

The modern Henry Repeating Arms Company was started 136 years later in 1996 by Louis Imperato from Brooklyn, New York. The company has no affiliation or lineage to Benjamin Tyler Henry or his New Haven Arms Company but Imperato liked the name and history so he trademarked it for his new gun company.

Louis Imperato passed away in 2007 and the company is now headed by his son Anthony. It has grown into the leading builder of lever-actions and is one of the top five firearm manufacturers in the U.S. with plants in Bayonne, New Jersey and Rice Lake, Wisconsin. The company currently makes a wide variety of .22 rimfire, centerfire rifles, shotguns, commemoratives and even a replica of Benjamin Henry’s original namesake.

Aside from good looks and a reputation for quality at a reasonable price, the guns are popular with U.S. shooters because of Henry’s dedication to the company motto of “Made in America or Not Made At All.” The company is also known for their extensive line of commemoratives and support of non-profit organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America.