Ruger’s Officer-Style SR1911 Is A 9mm Worth Shooting


The guys at Ruger make me crazy — it’s probably not that difficult — because it seems every time I turn around, they’ve lifted the cover on another handgun just begging to be cozy in my hand.

I own, ahem, several Ruger sidearms, and since I’m on record as extolling the virtues of this company’s rendition of the 1911 platform, it would be difficult to disavow any of these models. So it goes with the SR1911 Lightweight Officer- Style pistol in 9mm.

Thanks to advances in the development of 9mm ammunition over the past few decades, this newest Ruger compact is capable of delivering a devastating fight with a 7+1 round capacity. And the neat thing is this really is a small package can be carried discreetly in all sorts of environments. For the armed citizen who prefers the 9mm for a defensive sidearm, Ruger’s Lightweight Officer-Style could be a smart choice.

Ruger designed this gun with a stainless steel slide and anodized aluminum grip frame. The feed ramp is part of the 3.6″ coned, bushingless barrel, which is finished in black Nitride and cut with six lands and grooves on a 1:10″ right-hand twist. There is a full-length recoil spring guide rod.

I’ve had some experience with this black Nitride finish, and it’s tough enough to serve in all kinds of weather conditions. The slide has a matte finish and features a lowered and slightly flared ejection port, and the frame is black/grey, contrasting nicely for a two-tone presentation. If appearances alone sell a gun, this one will sell like hotcakes.

People I know will warm right up to the drift-adjustable Novak sights with their three-dot pattern. And I’m personally happy with the flat mainspring housing that is slightly bobbed at the bottom to produce something of a rounded butt.

Grip panels are checkered G-10. The beavertail grip safety has a “memory bump” which seems almost obligatory these days, and here’s a slick feature: a titanium firing pin. Paired with the skeletonized hammer, this pistol has a slightly faster lock time.

Rail-to-rail fit is very good, so nobody is likely to feel anything close to a rattle. The controls are where they belong, with the thumb safety on the left rear of the frame, and magazine release right behind the trigger.

Think about carrying this compact pistol in an IWB holster for a day. It weighs 27.2 oz. empty, is 1.34″ wide at the widest point.

And speaking of holsters, my guess is this pistol, designated the Model 6758, will fight into virtually any holster designed for an Officer Model or any of the numerous clones.

The overall length is 7.25″ and it is 5″ high. The pistol comes with two stainless steel magazines and an MSRP of $979.
It is not approved for California or Massachusetts.

Ph: (336) 949-5200

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