Paired with the right holster, the G45 MOS has the makings of a rockstar sidearm that will no doubt be showing up at a range — or along some mean street — near you.

Overall width at widest point is 1.34", and the overall length is 7.44". Distance from the rear of the grip to the trigger is 2.76", giving this pistol a pretty decent functional dimension to fit most hands rather well. The grip, with a modular backstrap, has GLOCK’s traditional textured surface for a firm hold in even the sloppiest weather, and it also comes in handy in warm climates where sweaty palms, not rain or snow, can create headaches.

The slide and barrel are finished in nDLC non-reflective black, it has both front and rear cocking serrations and it’s got a Gen5 ambidextrous slide stop lever.
Thanks to its optical capability, the G45 MOS pistol is versatile and will rise to the occasion, whatever the occasion happens to be. In the event of an optic sight failure, a shooter can revert to the metallic sights and stay in the game.

So, what handgunners have is a compact little package with all kinds of practical possibilities. It is the latest evolution of a handgun that has garnered a loyal following, especially law enforcement and among millennials involved in various shooting games, along with licensed private citizens — they number in the double-digit millions these days — who regularly carry for personal protection.

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