Clamtainer Ammo Buddy Storage

Simple and Stackable Options for Ammunition and More

I’ve always reused and repurposed things. Bullet boxes, applesauce containers…my dad is especially fond of plastic screw boxes for holding and hanging cleaning supplies. At some point, the opaque yellow bullet boxes I was using hindered my ability, even with labels, to know exactly what was in the box. I also began running out of space on my reloading bench, though had a mostly empty back pegboard.

Clamtainer offers a variety of storage solutions for not only ammunition but various objects. I have found countless uses for their plain boxes with hang tabs for holding comparator inserts, shellholders and the like. The technology is similar, if not the same in some cases, to product packaging from the store but without the stickers I dread scrubbing off. Each clamshell container snaps into itself for a full seal, confirmed by a click.

Though it took a minute to get used to, each can be opened easily with your thumbs, and one hand with some practice. Clamtainer’s Ammo Buddy storage containers hold at most 20 rounds, far fewer than what I typically carry to the range. I do appreciate their smaller shotgun containers and 5-round containers to keep hunting ammo safe from the rain, but the greatest value I found is storage and keeping loads separate. The containers stack nearly within one another, taking up far less space than traditional boxes.

Trying a new service rifle load, I discovered my ammunition was blowing primers. I needed a way to delineate between loads and keep track of the state of brass from each. Clamtainer’s .223 Ammo Buddy worked perfectly for this. Each round snapped into the container and no matter which direction I turned it, they didn’t fall. I marked the brass of each load differently with marker and included pieces of paper inside each 20-round holder with load data.

I easily collected and stored the brass after each 10 round test to evaluate for pressure signs. From now on I will use the Ammo Buddy containers exclusively for load testing and ladder tests rather than packing bulky 50 and 100 round boxes with 10 rounds apiece.