Still no Connor

Thank you for finally publishing Guncrank Diaries, a wonderful anthology of Connor’s work and includes stories prior to my subscription. As a longtime subscriber to both GUNS and American Handgunner, Connor’s articles were always the first ones I read, not to disparage your other brilliant writers. I am sure I represent all of Connor’s fans who would like to email him but do not want to invade his privacy by sending something to his old AOL email address. Could you please publish a current email address for those of us who want to let him know how much we miss reading his stories and want to wish him well? While you are at it, you might as well include how we could contact the rest of your contributors who don’t mind getting feedback. 
Mark Holmes

We maintain regular contact with John and he knows folks want — demand — him to start writing again. For purely selfish business reasons, I’d love him to write some new stuff but the chances of it happening are between slim and none. In terms of addresses, the editors act as gatekeepers for the writers. Some of them enjoy direct contact with readers, while others would like to maintain a bit of privacy. Feel free to send us correspondence and we’ll forward to the writers. —BW