Build An AR15 At Home With White Label Armory Parts Kit


Building an AR15 can seem like an intimidating task requiring dozens of parts — but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to White Label Armory, a subsidiary of DRG Manufacturing, building and maintaining one or multiple ARs can be easy and efficient with the new Home Builder’s AR15 Parts Kit.

Perfect for both new and avid AR builders, as well as DIY gunsmiths, the organized kit contains every small component needed to keep a large safe of AR-style carbines/pistols up and running. Broken into parts for the lower, upper and bolt carrier group (BCG), the Home Builder’s AR15 Parts Kit includes pivot, detent and firing pins, hammer, trigger and buffer springs, bolt and magazine catches, gas rings, crush washers, triggers and much, much more.

Packing more than 280 individual parts (3–20 per component) into a labeled clear case with part dividers, the Home Builder’s AR15 Parts Kit offers gun owners a significant cost savings over purchasing components individually, as well as the convenience of always having parts on hand.

And while lower and upper receivers, barrels and furniture are not included in the kit, each can also be purchased separately from White Label Armory. Made 100% in the U.S., pricing on the Home Builder’s AR15 Parts Kit is $385.

For more info:, Ph: 1 (847) 847-4311