Anti-gunners busy in Virginia

The revelation that more than 18.6 million armed private citizens are going about their business makes anti-gunners crazy, and the Giffords PAC is spending big money in Virginia to change that next month, at least in the Old Dominion.

The Giffords website announced a $300,000 advertising campaign to defeat Republican state lawmakers in the Nov. 5 legislative races. Giffords wants to put more gun-control-friendly Democrats in charge, presumably to push an extremist gun control agenda. They were furious when the Republican majority shut down a special session called by Gov. Ralph Northam to push gun control in response to the May 31 mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

There may be no small irony here. Anti-gunners routinely complain about the “gun lobby” spending loads of cash to influence elections. It must be different when the gun prohibition lobby opens its checkbook.

The Giffords PAC endorsed what it called “41 gun safety champions.”