Think National, Vote Local

The late Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, an affable old-style Boston Democrat, understood something about politics all grassroots gun rights activists need to embrace: “All politics is local.”

Want to change Congress and be rid of Nancy Pelosi and her anti-gun-rights majority? Be sure you vote in your local Congressional race. Want to continue seeing conservative judges appointed to federal court vacancies? Be sure the U.S. Senate doesn’t flip — the only way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by voting.

Maintain focus on your state legislature and remember Virginia. Sit this one out and you could wind up with a situation like they had in Richmond this year.

If you have a problem voting just on the gun issue, think taxes. Whatever else you are, you’re a taxpayer. Want to pay higher taxes? Vote for the candidate who likes taxes and hides it by arguing “we have to invest” in this or that cause. Want to pay lower taxes? Vote for candidates representing this perspective, someone who offers a plan to maintain services without soaking you and your neighbors.