Crossfire October 2020 Issue


Righty Tighty?

On page 55 of the May issue (“Guns of the Wild Bunch”), is the picture of “Tex” backwards/reversed? Is “Tex” a left-handed or right-handed shooter? The picture portrays him as a “right handed” shooter. A good indication the picture may be backwards/reversed is the “badge” he wears — a badge and medals are usually worn on the left side.


Funny, I looked at the photo several times and something felt “funny” but I never caught it. You’ve got a sharp eye. We published the photo as received. After looking at the original (high resolution) file, I verified all the lettering on the badge and wagon read properly as the photo was printed. Apparently Tex prefers to wear his badge and medals on the right side! —BW

Long Ago Shotguns

I know this is a long shot but I have a friend whose father-in-law is the gentleman who owns the two matching and engraved Winchester Model 50s gracing your cover in April 1963. Now that his father-in-law has passed, he asked me to help figure out the engraver of the two shotguns so he can determine what they are worth.

After all my research I am basically back at the starting blocks. Any help would be appreciated as the “On the Cover” comments on the inside don’t say anything about who actually did the work.
Jeff McDonald

Interesting question and one I get on a regular basis. Fact is, there is no one alive who can tell us anything about those long-ago cover guns. Unfortunately, our predecessors didn’t document those type of things — and I just realized we still don’t! Good luck, one other thing you might try: Send me a good quality picture of the guns and maybe we can run something. You never know who might know something! —BW

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