As handloaders we often come up with a “new to us” firearm and then proceed to try to find some really accurate loads. It did not work this way with that Remington 700. It was difficult to not find an accurate load; nearly everything worked. I am by no means a rifleman. I don’t practice breath control; I just shoot but the Triple Deuce is very forgiving. At least it seems that way as 100-yard groups well under 1" seem to be normal. My components of choice are 50- and 55-gr. bullets from Hornady, Sierra and Speer loaded with Hodgdon’s CFE and an old favorite, H322, ignited with CCI #400 Small Rifle Primers.

I was rewarded with three-shot 100 yard groups of 5/8" using Hornady’s 50-gr. SP over 21.5 grains of H322 for 3,070 fps and Sierra’s 55 SBT using one-half grain less of powder for just under 3,000 fps.

It gets better — 1/2" groups came from Sierra’s 55 SBT and Speer’s 52-gr. HP using 21.0 grains of H322 with muzzle velocities over 3,000 fps. By now you’d think I wouldn’t try any other powder. However, going to 25.5 grains of CFE has yielded my most accurate load so far. With this charge Hornady’s 50-gr., V-Max clocks out just under 3,100 fps with a 3/8" group for three shots at 100 yards.