Browning Beauty

The X-Bolt shown here is a Composite Stalker model I bought at a local gun shop. The X-Bolt has been a very successful model for Browning and deservedly so. The rifle is very well designed, made with excellent workmanship from high quality materials. It is accurate, easy to shoot well and has been completely reliable.

The X-Bolt has three locking lugs with a short 60-degree bolt lift. The detachable magazine is a rotary style with a single position straight-line feed for smooth cartridge feeding. It is made of some sort of very tough synthetic and feels as though you could drive over it without damaging it. Browning barrels are highly regarded for their smoothness and accuracy. I like the four screws per scope base and the soft recoil pad — not really needed on a .22-250 but nice to have on the .300 and .338 Win. Mag. models.

My only criticisms of the rifle are purely personal aesthetics. I don’t care for the gold-plated trigger or the Browning buck head logo on the underside of the trigger guard. Browning has gone to a lot of effort to make the logo instantly recognizable — I guess I’m jaded. I remember a northern fishing trip where every second pickup had the Browning logo on the rear window, and every second person was wearing a buck’s head cap.