Lapua Super Long Range 22 LR

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The name Lapua conjures up accurate rimfire ammunition — a reputation well-earned over many years of shooting and competition. At this point, Lapua has been around for 100 years and have been providing shooters premium rimfire ammunition for top-notch accuracy. The company has just introduced two new offerings for 2023 — Lapua Long Range and Super Long Range.

This 40-grain top-tier ammo is designed for rimfire disciplines such as PRS, Rimfire Benchrest and Long Range. I grabbed my 10″ Freedom Arms revolver and engaged targets from 25, 50 and 100 yards. Five-shot, 50-yard groups held steady under ½”. The 1.170″ group from 100 yards impressed me with a revolver fitted with a handgun scope set on 4x. I wonder what this ammo is capable of with a good rifle and some adequate magnification?

MSRP: $24 per 50

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