Recoil of any rifle in .308 Winchester is moderate, and I can honestly say it would be a day spent well to occupy a bench at the range, firing three-shot groups with long, leisurely breaks in between.

So, I’ve got everything down pat; accurate rifle, superb scope, carefully measured loads, and I’m ready for October. Uhhhh, not so fast there, Dave.

The other day I was going through emails and right in the middle of this swarm was a note from Winchester Ammunition about their new entry, the Expedition Big Game Long Range 308. Oh, you guessed it. My eyeballs clicked and locked in position as I read the little promo.

According to Winchester, this new entry features a 168-grain AccuBond bullet, and it’s capable of some impressive ballistics. The bullet, says Winchester, features a polymer tip and extended ogive and boattail “making for high-ballistic coefficients for improved long-range capability.” That’s the sort of comment that intrigues the hell out of me.
This projectile leaves the muzzle at a reported 2,680 fps with 2,675 ft-lbs of energy. At 100 yards, that pill is still scooting along at 2,510 fps with 2,349 ft-lbs of energy, and at 200 yards — a distance crossed in a nano-second — the AccuBond bullet is still at warp speed (2,347 fps) with more than 2,000 ft-lbs of buck-busting energy.

The farthest shot I’ve made on game with a .308 is just over 200 yards, downhill, and when the sound of the muzzle blast finally stopped echoing up and down the canyon, that buck was as dead as it gets.